Rethinking Dinner

What’s different about the chicken cobbler I made last night? It’s definitely, and deliberately a dish where the meat is a flavoring, not a main ingredient. Really, it is a vegetable cobbler, with sunchokes, onions, carrots and potatoes. It’s a creation made from leftovers – it started out as a traditional roast chicken with vegetables; all of the ingredients came from the Ballard farmers market last week.

But I have to confess, it was flavored with a store-bought peanut sauce (can you say, high fructose corn syrup) and a prepared chili sauce which contained a lot of preservatives. I’ve got a long way to go.

I started reading Marion Nestle’s What to Eat  last night. Mostly common sense, and reminds me of how I used to shop, as a college student and young adult on a strict budget. How did I move away from those day? If you want a cookie make it. Chips and processed foods are a waste of money compared to what you can get in the produce aisles. But the dairy section was pretty interesting – and one I need to think over. I love cheese, and K.M. and I often make a meal of it, with good bread. Using cheese sparingly will be even more challenging for me than rethinking the way I use poultry in cooking.

I’m having lunch with a friend at Agua Verde today. I can count it as guilt free outing, since I know the restaurants goals are similar to my own, “We strive to use organic, sustainable and eco-friendly food.” At this point in my journey I am happy to settle for that reassurance, and enjoy their wonderful sweet potato tacos.

But I don’t have a plan for dinner tonight. Yet.


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