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Transitional Pasta

I’m so tired of winter.

I know I haven’t had it as bad as some of my friends who live in the Northeast, or the Midwest. And I know in December and January it was a lot drier in Boise than in Seattle, but I am so ready for spring to come – more so than in years past, I think.

I’m tired of waking up to sub-freezing temperatures, bundling up to walk the dogs, and walking instead of running because of icy sidewalks. Everyone we’ve met here in Boise keeps telling us it has been a much greyer, wetter winter than normal for the Treasure Valley.

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Spring Sorrel Sauce

Sorrel is a part of my family history, but I never tasted it, or heard of it till I was in my early twenties. My mother didn’t speak Polish, and her maternal grandmother didn’t speak English. But Mom lived with Grandma Slim (short for Slimkosky) for a time, and she told more stories about her grandmother’s pickles, sauerkraut, and pigs feet that she ever told about her own mother. And Grandma Slim was a forager; she hunted for her own mushrooms, and sorrel.

When Mom was struggling with cancer, one of the tastes she most craved was sorrel; especially sorrel soup. She talked about her Polish grandmother picking sorrel in the woods, and making the soup when she was a girl. I had no idea what she was talking about.

In 1992, you couldn’t just Google and order online. I made a trip to the Pike Place Market, and found it was out of season, and hard to come by even at the right time of the year. One of the purveyors suggested I grow it, if I wanted to taste it. Mom didn’t have that kind of time.

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