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Captian Corndog (And Lemon) VS. Baron Von Broccoli


I bought this wonderful, cheesy, overpriced toy at Seattle’s legendary Archie McPhee.  I’ve decided to make it my blog’s mascot. I’m rooting for broccoli (easy for me – I’ve always thought corn dogs were pretty  gross), but it’s still early in the race. And the race is complicated. Corndogs may not be hard for me to pass up but I’ve got a long list of my own favorites that are far from sustainable; mostly things that travel thousands of miles to reach my doorstep.

I don’t expect, or plan to give up every type of food that isn’t grown in the Northwest. But I think it would show real progress if there comes a day when I recognize these items for luxuries they really are.

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Rethinking Dinner

What’s different about the chicken cobbler I made last night? It’s definitely, and deliberately a dish where the meat is a flavoring, not a main ingredient. Really, it is a vegetable cobbler, with sunchokes, onions, carrots and potatoes. It’s a creation made from leftovers – it started out as a traditional roast chicken with vegetables; all of the ingredients came from the Ballard farmers market last week.

But I have to confess, it was flavored with a store-bought peanut sauce (can you say, high fructose corn syrup) and a prepared chili sauce which contained a lot of preservatives. I’ve got a long way to go.

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Beginnings: An excuse to read

My goal for this project is to move towards a more sustainable diet, without driving myself or my husband crazy, or starving my dogs and cat. It’s not going to be perfect. I can admire the 100-mile diet folks from a safe distance, but I know the day I give up coffee, tea, and tropical fruit just isn’t coming. And it’s better to tell you up front, I am not the spend-the-day-at-the-farmer’s-market-discussing-the-terroir-of-potatoes type. I won’t even go to the wonderful bakery around the corner from my house, because no matter how great the scones are, if it takes 15 minutes to make a latte, it just isn’t worth it.

So learning to eat and cook a new way will be a challenge.

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