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One Sticky Bun To Rule Them All

Common sense should have kept me from trying to adapt  a recipe for pineapple pie. You’d think I’d know by now that if it is crucial to the outcome of a recipe that the ingredients thicken properly  the best thing I can do is stick to the original version.

But then, you’d also think that I’d know by now that nothing good happens when I put too much hot liquid in the food processor or the blender.

What I do know is that if your food processor shoots hot pineapple-mango custard all over the kitchen, the two most important things to do are to a) get out of the way, and b) thoroughly clean up the mess, no matter how upset you are. Should the custard harden on the base of the food processor, or say, on the side of your refrigerator you’ll not only be disgusted  every time you see it, (and you will never be able to get it off) you’ll also be haunted by failure.

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