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Pain in the Pantry

Cleaning out my pantry has morphed into a much bigger project, expanding into the fridge and the freezer. The good news is that I’ve only found one product (instant Thai noodles) with HVP, so far. The bad news is the huge amount of food products – mostly condiments and prepackaged cooked foods I’ve found that contain high fructose corn syrup, or a long list of totally unrecognizable substances. Gum is for chewing, not for eating! I’ve tossed ketchup, mustards, relish, salad dressing, cake mix, juice and more. Throwing away food doesn’t sit well with me; though I bit the bullet and tossed the open packages. But what am I going to do with rest of it? If I think I shouldn’t be eating it, can I give it to a food bank? Isn’t it worse just to throw it away?

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Moving forward

Since I’m not willing to manufacture my own fertilizer, the big question is what is my next step? I think it might be a pantry clean up – though that’s a daunting prospect.  As news of the new food recall (hydrolyzed vegetable protein, or HVP) grows, I’m painfully aware that there is probably some of that gunk lurking in my pantry. Yes, I know the amounts are so small that is unlikely to make us sick – but do I really want to eat it? And if it isn’t this recall that directly affects me, it will just be the next one.

I think of myself as a cook-from-scratch kind of person, but, just a casual glance at my kitchen shelves reveals instant noodles, chocolate syrup- the first ingredient listed on the label is high fructose corn syrup, chicken bouillon cubes which contain monosodium glutamate -I read the label and tossed those, and a can of bread crumbs with a list of ingredients as long as my arm -those are gone too.

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